Educating innovative societies

Educating innovative societies

by Simon Gifford -
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An excellent, inspiring and thought provoking discussion around education of innovative societies. It gives glimpses into the future of education.  Recorded on 19th September 2018.

Educating innovative societies

The discussion moves across a range of topics (see below), unsurprisingly given the diversity of the panel and audience. Most of the readers of this article will be embroiled in doing the best they can with limited resources, current students and meeting day to day objectives. That is why it is useful to sit back a little and consider a more future-looking and visionary perspective of education - and that is what this video will help you do. It is an hour in length, but is probably worth grabbing a cup of coffee and running through the whole video.

If you do not have the time to view this (or want to find out if the contents justify the effort), some of the points of interest for me were:
  • the divergence of education and learning
  • inside out learning (referring to learning on devices not in classroom)
  • credentialism and the blockchain
  • the importance of entrepreneurial education
  • the importance of self-belief and self-efficacy in learning
  • making graduates job-ready and future-ready
  • using adaptive technologies to facilitate scaffolding
  • problems with focus on traditional grading
  • linking innovation, creativity and the arts

Click on the image above to view the video or go to WEF link to view:  Educating innovative societies  

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