Education in 2030 - will it be different?

Education in 2030 - will it be different?

by Simon Gifford -
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The future of education

HolonIQ have just released their latest report on education in 2030

Future of education scenarios

The big picture: among thousands of responses gathered from over 50 countries, only 5% of respondents chose “Education-as-Usual” as their preferred scenario. However, on average the global cohort estimated it was still 45% likely that “Education-as-Usual” is how 2030 will look when we get there. 

Education in 2030

Read the highly visual report to obtain an interesting view on how education may unfold in the futue, where 5 different scenarios are considered.

The question is why do so many people believe that education will not change as much as most seem to want it to? Where is the inertia built into the system and what will it take to overcome that and start producing the type of education fit for purpose in the next decade and beyond? 

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