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Mashauri is an organisation dedicated to helping Universities give their students an entrepreneurial mindset.  
In so doing, we unlock massive innovation capacity as well as better preparing the graduates for the 21st century world of work.

The co-founders of Mashauri

Simon Gifford: CEO

25+ years as strategy consultant to top corporates (ex-partner Deloitte)

Entrepreneur (co-founder: Mashauri, Genesis, Exeter Consultants)

Adjunct Professor (strategy, entrepreneurship, M&A) at IE Business School, Spain.

Apoorv Bamba: Chief Product Officer

Entrepreneur and curriculum design specialist

Co-founder of Startup Safari, Ingenious Faces, Mashauri

Visiting lecturer (various universities)

Victor de la Torre: ex-CTO, now advisor

Bio-informatics and big data specialist

Entrepreneur (co-founder: Mashauri and Softactiva)

Senior Research Fellow at Fujitsu

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