Students get the opportunity to work within a real company addressing a specific issue. The program is virtual and so frequently the interns are working in organisations based in a foreign country; and in certain circumstances with teams based in different parts of the globe.

The majority of these programs include a education of a specific topic (eg design thinking or user-centred research), the content of which is then put into practice within the organisation.

The partner organisations receive input from intelligent, innovative and motivated resources who might even become future employees.

We design a capstone project to integrate with the theory taught in your entrepreneurship class

We design and run competitions either as a stimulus to entrepreneurial interest or potentially as the marketing and selection front-end of your virtual incubator.
The Global Apprenticeship

The Global Apprenticeship

The Global Apprenticeship

Programme Overview

The Global Apprenticeship is an opportunity for students to work with leading startups across the world on real time challenges over the course of 1 month.

During the program, students will be assigned into teams, will work on developing solutions for challenges proposed and gain the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and mentors from partner companies virtually.

The projects aim to provide students with necessary skill sets needed for the 21st century job market. Students will be able to learn more hands-on skills like time management, critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and efficient decision making as well.  

What type of student is this aimed at?

This program has been built for students who wish to gain global exposure and learn practical skills by working on real time problems for companies across the world.

Course details

Duration - 4 weeks
Effort - 5 to 7 hours/week
Price - INR 2,000 

Curriculum outline

Week 1: Getting started 
Week 2: Analysis and investigation
Week 3: Building Solutions
Week 4: Final Mentor Check Ins

Email our partner organisation: Ingenious Faces at for more information

{Your university} student new venture competition

{Your university} student new venture competition

Would you like to launch a new business competition at your university. This programme not only lays out all the processes required to plan and run it; it also gives you a platform for the students to help them develop their ideas and pitches.

Jointly branded - your university supported by Mashauri - will also add credence to your stance on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The prospectus is currently under development, but if you would like more information or would like to launch a competition urgently, please contact me at

The Mashauri COVID-19 Idea Challenge

The Mashauri COVID-19 Idea Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many difficult and unforeseen problems. Many of us are facing challenges that we could never even have envisioned a few months ago. As a global community, we can choose to go into isolation and wait it out, But an alternative is to put our creative minds at work and start thinking about how we might help ourselves and others in addressing the new problems we are facing.

The Mashauri COVID-19 Idea Challenge is aimed at those university students who would like to be in this latter group. The purpose is to unleash our creativity and see if we can find some ways to help us get through this crisis in a more positive way.

The challenge: 

Either individually or in a group, you need to identify one of the many problems that need solving and come up with a solution as to how it might be addressed. There are no strict parameters other than it needs to be a problem that has resulted from the pandemic. Examples could be to do with things like home schooling, communicating with isolated people, eating healthily in isolation, dealing with depression, .... are just some of the examples.

We will support you by offering a process to stimulate your creativity and provide you with a few tools to  assist you in capturing your thoughts. 

Every submission will be reviewed as long as the student has followed the process and submits their ideas and solutions in the agreed format. The top ideas will be invited to an online itching event in front of a group of investors and mentors. For those ideas that are deemed feasible and innovative, a pitching competition in front of investors and/or mentors will be arranged.

This is a totally free program which we are running as our contribution to helping the world cope and recover from this terrible pandemic.

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CfERI Poster & Pitch Competition

CfERI Poster & Pitch Competition

False Bay College Center for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator

Poster and Pitch Competition

Are you ready to win R10,000.00 by simply submitting a poster?

The False Bay College Center for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator (CfERI) is making this programme available to those students (for free) who wish to obtain support in preparing their entry for the 2019 Poster & Pitch competition. The overall objective is to support students in developing their submission (a business model canvas) by providing education and instructions around each element; and supporting that with templates and advice.

At the end of the course, the student will have all the relevant material prepared to develop the competition entry. However, the course will offer far more than simply competition preparation. For you, the student who diligently goes through the programme, the objectives and outcomes will be as follows:

Student objectives:

  • To have learned about some of the critical aspects of developing a business idea
  • To have assessed your own ability to be an entrepreneur.
  • To have a better understanding of entrepreneurship and what it means
  • To understand each of the basic elements of the canvas and why they are important
  • To have used that learning to develop the fundamental inputs for your poster and pitch submission
  • To be ready to submit your poster and pitch entry

Student outcome:

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur; and feel more confident in presenting your business idea. You will also have improved your chances of winning the R10,000 prize

R10,000-00 prize sponsored by:

Future Managers

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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Walt Disney

Enrol for free now using the code provided by your campus champion.

False Bay College Center for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator.