Mashauri Mentors

Mashauri mentors

Here are some of our mentors who guide, drive, challenge and support our student entrepreneurs

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Apoorv Bamba

Name: Apoorv Bamba

Expertise: entrepreneurship curriculum architect, startup coach, master facilitator

Experience: serial entrepreneur in the startup space

Apoorv Bamba


Onica Matsheke

Name: Onica Matsheke

Expertise: entrepreneurship, human resources, labour relations

Background: professor at Vaal University of Technology

Onica Matsheke

Quote:  It may seem impossible until it is done. Do not fail to try!


Simon Gifford

Name: Simon Gifford

Expertise: strategy, finance, startup process, dashboards, scaling

Background: global strategy consultant (Braxton, Deloitte); entrepreneur

Simon Gifford

Quote:  Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today!