How can you succeed as a startup

How can you succeed as a startup

by Simon Gifford -
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Sam Altman

We at Mashauri greatly admire Y Combinator (the San Francisco based accelerator - and in fact the first ever accelerator). They began a Startup School a few years ago and I would like to share this video from Sam recorded in 2017 where he talks about how you can succeed as a startup. We are adding it in here for our Ashoka students - but is valuable for anyone in this field be it entrepreneur or educator.



The lessons in summary:

  • A product so good people tell friends
  • Easy to understand
  • Exponential growth of the underlying market
  • Evangelical founder
  • Ambitious vision
  • The harder the better
  • Confident and definite view of the future
  • Huge if it works
  • Team
    • Optimists
    • Idea generators
    • We'll figure it out
    • I've got it
    • Action bias
    • The blessing of inexperience
  • Momentum
  • Competitive advantage
  • Sensible business model
  • Distribution strategy
  • Frugality, focus, obsession and love
  • Why startups win
    • One no versus one yes
    • Fast changing market
    • Platform shifts