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Barnstone Entrepreneurs

Barnstone Entrepreneurs

introduction to entrepreneurship

Introduction to students

Many of us were brought up being taught that we should find a good job, do it well and we will be successful. But there are some key flaws to that thinking: It is not always easy to find any job - never mind a good one If you do find one, success is far from guaranteed and most companies loyalty to their employees does not extend beyond the next economic downturn.

For most of us success is not defined as working for someone else form 9 to 5, 5 days a week and 20 days of holiday a year.

There is another story. One that is based on designing your own destiny, not have someone do it for you on their terms. That story is called entrepreneurship.

This course has been designed to introduce you to the concept of entrepreneurship and highlights the benefits (and challenges) of starting your own business. It guides you along the first steps in that journey: developing a winning business idea based on your own needs, competencies and market demand.

When you have finished this programme, you will understand what being an entrepreneur is all about and you will have a clear idea as to what business you want to build. What's more, you will have taken that first, all important step to being an owner of your own, successful business.

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Course details

Course objectives:

  • Introduce learners (Grade 10 – 11 ages 16 to 18 years) to the concept of entrepreneurship 
  • Provide them with an understanding of what a business really is (legal entity, management, financials, profitability vs cash, planning and budgeting, tax, market research, marketing vs sales, employment/HR, accountability, project management, etc). This will be in conjunction with their Business Studies subject 
  • Stimulate creativity 
  • Teach learners to work in teams, collaborate, identify risks and overcome challenges 
  • Develop a business idea from inception (ideation) based on their skills, passion and available market opportunities 
  • Test the idea with real potential customers and conclude on its likely feasibility 
  • Pitch a venture to a panel of judges and convince them to invest in the idea 

Key outcomes:

By the end of the program, the student should have reached a level of entrepreneurial effectiveness.  This means, the learner should have:

  • An understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the potential rewards and risks 
  • Developed certain key entrepreneurial competencies 
    • Creativity 
    • Opportunity recognition 
    • Working in teams 
    • Problem-solving 
    • Decision making and reflection 
    • Communication and persuasion 
  • Identified and potentially initiated an entrepreneurial business idea. 

The programme will take place over 7 weeks following the overall syllabus shown below. It is anticipated about 3 to 5 hours per week will be required by the students.

Barnstone syllabus

The themes will be presented using a variety of multimedia such as videos, text and drawings. Assignments are supported by clear instructions and templates and will be assessed individually by the programme mentors. In addition there will be quizzes that allow learners and instructors to assess understanding and progress towards achieving outcomes.

All learners who achieve a score of greater than 80% will receive the Prestige_Mashauri certification.

Barnstone Education Certificate



RoboKid image

Robotics, artificial intelligence and smart-everything may still feel foreign to today's adults, but for the adults of tomorrow they will be as familiar as spreadsheets and word processors. Unfortunately, our education systems are generally not doing a great job of preparing kids (or even grown-ups) for this trend.

We are therefore developing experiential programmes that will start providing the basic skills and familiarity to help students be ready for their future. Fortunately, there are some wonderful organisations who already provide easy-to-use hardware and software that makes learning this stuff feel like a game to the average student.

This programme is under construction, but we would be happy to start a dialogue with anyone who would like to partner with us, co-create a pilot  or simply offer input. If interested, please drop me a line at simon.gifford@mashauri.org